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PapiSTOP, prices, works, reviews, reviews, forum, KenyaHp viruses are distributed worldwide PapiSTOP

About 80% of all sexually active people undergo hpv infection at least once in their lives. Infection is only accompanied by symptoms in very rare cases. 90% of the infected women, these infections will heal in a period of up to 2 years without treatment and without consequences. About 10% of the women affected remain permanently infected and can develop cell changes on the cervix. Only about 1-3% of these cell changes develop over a period reviews of at least 10 years cervical cancer the other cure is usually without therapy.

Sexually active and young people aged up to 25 years are most likely to become infected. Theoretically, infection is possible during the first sexual intercourse. The age of the first sexual intercourse also plays a role, since in young girls the skin of the price vagina is still quite thin, that is, only a few cell layers thick, and so can occur more easily microscopically pharmacy small injuries, which use the viruses as an entrance gate.

In germany, approximately 6 million women are estimated to be infected with human papillomavirus. Several hundred thousand women develop a pre-stage cervical cancer each year and about 5,000 women develop cervical cancer every year in germany. If the disease is detected early enough, the chances of recovery are almost 100% – yet every year > 1600 women die from cervical cancer.

Increased risk of cancer through hpv infections

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High risk hpv types are characterized by the immune system at about every 10. Infection is not removed again, but remains permanently, that is for more than 6 to 18 months, in the infected (tissue, mucous layer) epithelium. In this case, one PapiSTOP also speaks of a persistent infection, which is a prerequisite for the emergence of cancer. Infections that disappear spontaneously after some time do not increase the risk of cancer.

PapiSTOP, how to use, ingredients, composition, how it works

If high-risk types can still be detected after 18 months, there is a risk of developing problematic cell changes. From such infection with human papillomavirus, which can also lasting several years, cancer precursors (so-called dysplasia, intraepithelial neoplasia) can develop. In women infected with high-risk types, dysplasia develops in 5 to 30% of cases.

Infection with low-risk types does not increase the risk of later cervical cancer. But it can also have unpleasant, though harmless (non – cancer-causing) consequences in the form of cowards in the genital and anal areas.

  • Condoms in the package how to use
  • Condoms only partially protect against hpv infections
  • Condoms protect only partially against hpv infections

The condom is the only contraceptive that can protect against sexually transmitted diseases. However, in the case of hpv, consistent use of condoms prevents only about 50% of infections. Papillomavirus can also be transmitted to the how to use pubic area by the areas not covered by a condom and spread slowly from there-even to the vagina and to the cervix. The PapiSTOP use of condoms is, of course, still recommended in order not to ingredients interfere with other sexually transmitted pathogens, such as hepatitis b, hiv, chlamydia composition or herpes ingredients viruses how it works.

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Effective protection PapiSTOP against cervical cancer is mainly due to the combination of vaccination against human papillomavirus and regular participation in the gynaecological cancer screening.

PapiSTOP, reviews, forum, comments

Almost every human being is infected with human papillomavirus (hpv) in the course of his life. They lurk almost everywhere and a transmission is even possible by handshake. Those who become infected must not only expect skin and reviews genital warts, but also the risk of cancer increases. How best to protect yourself.

More than 150 different hpv types are now reviews known. “Most adults come into contact with hpv during their lives. This applies to women as well as men,“ says dr. Susanne weg-remers, head of the cancer information service (kid) of the german cancer research centre (dkfz).

Not everyone who is infected gets sick reviews

But this does not mean that an infection with human papillomavirus always causes a disease. In most cases, the immune system is strong enough to successfully fight the virus. The infection heals again without symptoms, the affected person does not notice anything about it. Even if cancer-promoting viruses were involved. However, some of the infected, the germs are stronger. Depending on the respective virus type, next to skin and genital warts also threaten malignant cell changes in the intimate region as well as in the mouth.

Hpv transmission through handshake forum

The transmission paths through which the hp viruses can enter our bodies are different. Thus, the pathogens, which can cause harmless skin comments warts on the face as well as on hands and feet, are carried on through skin contact and contaminated surfaces. Therefore, you should always wear bathing shoes in swimming pools and saunas. Towels and washclothes of those affected should not be used. After contact with a black skin, the hands should be PapiSTOP thoroughly washed comments and disinfected.

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Genital warts: mostly two hpv types are to blame PapiSTOP

However, warts can not only form on the hands. The intimate region may also be affected. Especially the papillomavirus type 6 and 11 are responsible for the warts in the genital area. Genital warts, also genital warts, are highly contagious, but benign. They are transmitted via sexual intercourse. Men and women are equally affected. “ it is estimated that from 100 people aged between 15 and 49 years have one to two visible genital warts, ” explains weg-remers. “Studies of recent years show that the frequency continues to increase.”But be careful: Kenya even if the warts are choppy, it may be that the hp viruses remain at the infection site. The risk of infection remains.

Mothers can infect their children at birth Kenya

A transfer from the mother to her newborn at birth is possible, because the child comes with the mucous membranes of the nut in contact. The kid reports that of 1000 newborns whose mother had genital warts at birth, the viruses cause benign growth in the larynx in about seven children.

An infection with genital warts without mucous membrane contact does not seem to be possible: the virus would be excreted Original in infected neither in the blood or in the saliva in the mother’s milk or sperm, the kid. Normal kissing, PapiSTOP blood donation or breastfeeding of a child Pharmacy are safe according to current knowledge.

It is still unclear whether the genital warts can be passed on when mucous membranes come into contact with contaminated objects such as toilets, towels or soaps. It could not be completely excluded, according to the kid.

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High risk types 16 and 18 particularly dangerous PapiSTOP

In addition to the harmless papillomavirus, which can cause skin and genital warts, there are twelve so – called high-risk types in which the risk of malignant cell degeneration is particularly high. These include types 16 and 18. The most common price cancer caused by hpv is cervical cancer. However, the viruses can also affect the male genital organs in addition to the female intimate region. The anus may also be affected. These high-risk types are also transmitted via sexual intercourse.

Also oral sex carries risks price

Risk viruses reach high in the oral cavity, increases the risk of mouth, throat, or laryngeal cancer. “ the greater the number pharmacy of sexual partners, the higher the risk of infection and therefore also of illness, ” explains weg-remers. “And even if the immune system amazon was able to successfully retaliate the hp viruses, it can be re-infected at any time-again with the risk that the infection where to buy does not heal completely and then, in rare cases, can PapiSTOP lead to cancer.“

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Condoms reduce the risk of infection PapiSTOP

To protect yourself from the dangerous forms of human papillomavirus, condoms should be used. “ but sex with condom does not provide safe protection for changing sexual partners, ” explains weg-remers. This is because an hpv infection is not a classic std, but a contact infection. This could also serve as a source of infection, which side effects lie outside the area protected by the condom.

“Nevertheless, consistent condom carriers are less likely to cause infection.“ For protection against cervical cancer, vaccination against human papillomaviruses (hpv) is advisable. The permanent vaccination commission (stiko) at the robert koch institute recommends them for girls between 9 side effects and 14 years before the first sexual intercourse. It acts against the hp viruses, which are most commonly responsible for the development of cervical cancer. The costs are covered by the statutory health insurance funds. If a girl was not vaccinated at the intended age, contraindications the vaccination should be made up to the age of 17 according to the institute for quality and efficiency in health care (iqwig). The two vaccines available in germany are it really works effective against two or nine hp viruses. These viruses are responsible for up to 90 percent of cervical cancer diseases. The prerequisite cost for building protection is that the girl had not already infected. In general, two doses are administered at intervals of five months. If the patient is what is the cost older than 14, the vaccine PapiSTOP is vaccinated three times.


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