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Varicofix, prices, works, reviews, reviews, forum, Kenya          Venous insufficiency Venous weakness is a disturbed Varicofix function of the veins, which is usually caused by a disabled blood outflow. Usually, the veins on the legs are affected by a venous weakness. Doctors refer to the disease as venous insufficiency. Read reviews more about the causes and treatment of venous weakness.

ICD Codes for these disease: ICD Codes are internationally valid encryptions for medical diagnoses. They can be found, for example, in medical certificates or on certificates of incapacity for work. I87O22

Venous insufficiency price

Venous insufficiency is widespread. Often, swollen legs after prolonged standing or more prominent veins provide the indication that the veins no longer work properly. The venous weakness develops slowly and gradually progresses untreated, which is pharmacy why it can be divided into different degrees of severity.

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Veins are all blood vessels in the body Varicofix that collect the blood from the body’s periphery and transport it back to the heart. In this case, the blood, after it has discharged oxygen and nutrients into the tissue, first via hair-fine blood vessels (capillaries) in the so-called Venoles. These small vessels then merge again to the veins. The how to use initially superficial, small-caliber veins eventually direct the blood into deeper veins with a larger diameter.

Varicofix, how to use, ingredients, composition, how it works

Finally, the two largest veins of the body, the upper and lower hollow veins, bring the low-oxygen blood back to the heart. The heart how to use pumps it into the pulmonary circulation, where oxygen is enriched, before it flows back again to the heart and then passes through the arteries to the tissues and organs.

Failure of the ingredients venous valves causing venous insufficiency

Since the veins which are located below the heart, transport the blood against gravity up to the heart, they have a special structure. Inside, there ingredients are so-called venous lobes, which, like a valve, prevent the blood from flowing back. Usually, the venous weakness begins with a gradual failure of these venous lobes. If these do not close properly, the removal of the blood is impaired, it jams into the upstream venous sections. In the course composition of time, the venous wall, through the pressure exerted by the chopped-down blood, more and more, the vein widens. Such dilated Varicofix veins eventually fall on the skin surface how it works as fine spider web – like spider veins or – in larger veins-as bluish, clearly protruding varicose veins.

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What disease is causing my symptoms?

If venous insufficiency continues, it may develop a disease that physicians call chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). In most cases, severe swelling and skin changes are associated with this disease.

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Venous Insufficiency: Symptoms Varicofix

People with reviews venous insufficiency often complain of swollen, tired or aching legs, especially at the end of the day. Especially in the warm summer months, the symptoms can increase, as the blood vessels expand by the heat even more. The symptoms of venous insufficiency may vary depending on the severity. Possible evidence of venous reviews insufficiency are:

small, reddish to bluish Spider-net-like fine venous drawings (spider veins), especially on the side or back of the thighs

clearly prominent veins, especially forum on lower legs, calf or knee

Varicose veins: they are usually located on lower legs and calf and are easily recognizable by the bulging, thickened, twisted bluish comments veins.

Water comments accumulations (edema) in the area of Varicofix ankles or lower legs

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Skin changes: brownish pigmentation in the ankle area, dry, scaly, itchy skin areas (eczema) or open skin areas. Such changes indicate a chronic venous venous insufficiency.

What do my lab values mean?

Venous insufficiency: Varicofix causes and risk factors

Often the cause of venous weakness is hereditary predisposition. Thus, a venous disease usually affects several members of a Kenya family. The risk of venous weakness also increases with age. The first signs are noted by most affected persons at the earliest from 30. Age or later.

Women are confronted more frequently with venous problems such as venous insufficiency, spider veins, or varicose veins; presumably, the special Kenya structure of the connective tissue is a reason for that. The female sex hormones, especially the estrogen, also provide a loose connective tissue. Therefore, pregnancy, during which the estrogen concentration is particularly high, is also considered a risk factor for venous Original weakness. In addition, in pregnant women, the steadily growing belly pushes on the veins in the pelvis and strain the leg veins additionally.

In addition, overweight and previous blood clots in the veins (thrombosis) increase the risk of venous diseases. Activities, connected with long Pharmacy periods of Sitting or Standing, also promote venous problems such as venous insufficiency.

What disease is causing my symptoms? Venous insufficiency: tests and Varicofix diagnosis

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For the diagnosis of venous weakness it is recommended to consult a specialist for vascular and venous diseases (Phlebologists). In a detailed interview, he first inquires about the history of the disease (medical history). He asks, Varicofix among other things, whether several family members have to deal with venous weakness or other venous price problems and whether thrombosis has occurred in the past.

In the subsequent physical examination, the doctor looks at the veins in the area of the patient’s legs. He pays special attention to whether spider price veins or varicose veins are visible. Swelling of the legs or skin changes supply important information on a venous insufficiency, you may indicate chronic venous insufficiency.

With the help of an pharmacy ultrasound examination, the condition of veins can be assessed well. If the venous lobes are defective, the doctor can recognize this well. A special procedure, the so-called Doppler sonography the blood flow within the vein visible. In this case, the doctor can detect a disturbed blood flow or possibly a blood clot.

So your amazon veins stay fit!

Varicose veins, spider veins, thrombosis, sick veins are not only an aesthetic Problem. So your veins stay fit!

They make your Varicofix legs restless!

There is a simple rule to keep your legs in shape, namely the 3L-3S rule: prefer running and lying – instead of sitting and standing. Keep your leg muscles in motion, for example by cycling, walking, running, swimming or leg Gymnastics. The focus should be on the training of endurance.

Flat, instead of high where to buy

Do not wear High-Heels, even if they look so beautiful. Better is comfortable, flat footwear.

Rotate your toes

It is not always possible to avoid long sitting or standing, for example in people with an office job or those who have to endure in long conferences. Here: activate your venous pump. For example, regularly move your toes up and down or shape them into claws – this stimulates blood circulation and muscles. You do not sit with crossed legs.

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Legs on the table!

Store your legs up more often. This works in both sitting and lying-this may also be the case with your desk. The blood does not stutter and can flow back into the body.

Kneipp helps

Shower your legs regularly cool (cold showers, alternating showers). Start at your feet and run the cold jet of water up to your thighs. The cool water has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and strengthens the tension of the veins.

Get out side effects of the hot tub Varicofix

Avoid too much heat and tropical heat. It is best to avoid long hours of sun baths, hot bottles and hot tub baths. The vessels expand, the blood “fails” in the legs and can be Varicofix transported back to the heart more difficult.

Shoes off!

Throw your (maybe too tight) shoes in the corner and walk barefoot as often as you can. Thus, the feet have more freedom and are better blood circulation.

Bacon way side effects

Reduce your excess weight if you are too thick-preferably through a dietary diet rich in fiber. Because every Kilo more is an additional load for the legs. The return of venous blood to the heart with increasing body weight and increased contraindications fat accumulation in the abdomen is becoming more and more tedious – venous diseases are favored.

Drink a lot it really works

You drink a lot! We recommend cost about two liters of liquid a day-over heat or sporty effort even more. Good thirst quenchers are water, fruit juice or what is the cost unsweetened tea.


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